zulubookIzintshumayelo neziFundiso (Sermons and Teaching)

My first book, Izintshumayelo neziFundiso (Sermons and Teachings), was written in 2015. It consists of homilies and instructions on different topics. They mainly arose from the questions that recur on my workshops, retreats and “hot seats” on a random Monday in social networks.
I need to be honest that some topics shock current popular Catholic devotion and Christian practice. While I am not a Scriptura Sola nor a Bible fundamentalist, I am strongly convinced that the Bible is the foundation of everything Christian. Nothing is worthy of the name “Christian” if it is beyond the perimeters of biblical foundations. No strong walls can be built beyond the circumference of the foundation. They are a disaster waiting to happen. So are Catholic devotions and Christian practices beyond the outer edge of the Bible. They need not be there explicitly or by name but it should be able to be traced from the Bible ab principio.
I am an evangelical Catholic.

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